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And just like that, it was really over. One and a half years of waiting, preparing, keeping hope and eventually working against better judgement. It all turned out to be in vain when Onder De Radar Festival 2021 was finally not allowed by the government last Friday.

It was going to be the biggest edition so far. The catch-up round. The perfect closer to all this mess. We were so ready. En yet this year everything vanished into thin air once again. Words can’t describe how bad we would’ve wanted to bring you better news today.

Because we really want to see you again next year we automatically converted your tickets to Onder De Radar Festival 2022. Any questions? Please have a look at our FAQ below.

We’re hoping for your support and understanding. Fight with us. Because it’s clear that our industry, which was the first to be forced to seize all activities, is going to be the last one allowed to resume. We’re going to have to hold our breath a little longer still. What we do know, is that more people than ever were coming to ODR. The trust and enthusiasm of so many people is what’s dragging us through to the finish. The amount of incredibly kind reactions and messages we received after the bad news on Friday, is what’s making the difference for us. For that we cannot thank you enough. ❤️

Let’s hope for better days.

Until next time,

Basic Grooves

What is the new date of Onder De Radar Festival 2022?

Onder De Radar Festival 2022 will take place on Saturday 27 August 2022.

RSVP for the Facebook event!

How can I view my order / tickets?

From the confirmation e-mail of Paylogic, go to the page of your order by clicking on the orange button at the bottom of the e-mail.
On this page you can see which tickets you have and you can arrange the following:

  • Downloading tickets that have already been personalised
  • Personalising of still unpersonalised tickets

Lost the confirmation e-mail?
Through this link you can retrieve your order(s). (Note: may end up in your spam box).

My ticket(s) of 2020/2021 are valid for Onder De Radar Festival 2022. What are the next steps?

Your complete order is automatically converted to Onder De Radar Festival 2022.

  1. Through this link you can retrieve your order(s). (Note: may end up in your spam box).
  2. Go to the page of your order.
  3. Then download or personalise your new ticket(s).

There is no rush to personalise your ticket(s): this is possible until the event. You will receive a reminder in due course if you have not personalised your ticket(s) in the meantime.

How do I personalise my ticket?

You must personalise your purchased tickets in order to receive them. How does personalisation work? We explain it to you step by step:

  • After you complete your order you will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic. From there, you go to the page of your order (this can be done via the orange button at the bottom of the email).
  • Choose “Personalize”.
    • Choose “Claim” to put a ticket in your own name.
    • Choose “Send” to put a ticket in the name of a friend.
  • Follow the instructions.

Lost the confirmation e-mail?
Through this link you can retrieve your order(s). (Note: may end up in your spam box).

I can't make it in August, what now?

Are you unable to attend on 27 August 2022? You could request a refund until 30 September 2021, unfortunately this is no longer possible.
However, you can choose to resell your tickets to your friends or acquaintances.

If this is not an option for you, you can also sell your ticket via TicketSwap.

I have lost the confirmation e-mail for my order.

Through this link you can retrieve your order(s). (Note: may end up in your spam box).

The email address associated with my order is not correct (anymore). What should I do now?

We can’t change that for you, but Paylogic can. On this page you will find the necessary information.

I bought my ticket(s) via Ticketswap, what now?

These are also automatically converted to Onder De Radar Festival 2022 because we have a partnership with TicketSwap called; SecureSwap. Through this link you can retrieve your order(s). (Note: may end up in your spam box).

If you have any questions, please contact Ticketswap.

NB: Ticketswap only sends out a new ticket when you buy the ticket, so you won’t receive a renewed 2022 ticket. But don’t worry, the ‘old’ tickets are still valid!

I didn't get my ticket(s) through the official ticketshop or Ticketswap. What should I do?

We always advise everyone to get their tickets from our official ticket shop or from Ticketswap to guarantee a valid ticket. If you have bought your ticket via another route, you will have to take this up with the person from whom you bought the ticket.

My question has not yet been answered.

Send us an e-mail via this link. We will do our best to help you as quickly as possible, but please allow for some delay due to the high workload.

If you have a question about your order, please email us from the email address you used to place the order and quote the orderID. That way we can help you more quickly.

[LIVE] Construction photos Onder De Radar Festival



Timetable online


It’s time to bust out that notebook, because the timetable is here! 🖊️ Start planning your day on the incredible Vliegbasis for you and your crew and miss none of your favorite artists 🤠 No ticket yet? Now is the time to get it here!

Want to see on your phone who plays when and where? We got you👇
Pro-tip: set it as your background during the festival.




You might want to take a seat, turn up the volume, and enable hi-res, because this recap of Onder De Radar Festival 2019 is simply magic.

Check the aftermovie here!

gevonden voorwerpen odr

Lost and found


Lost something at Onder de Radar Festival? Then we may have found it, because we collect all found objects. Anything not picked up on the festival day, will go to the municipality. They will drop all items on the “Lost or Found” website approximately 2 working days after the event. When searching for your item, please use as many relevant keywords, such as color, brand, type or place and adjust the filters in the search result.

You can also file a report yourself if you have lost something: see their FAQ for more information.


Aftermovie Onder De Radar 2022


Finally, Onder De Radar again after 3 years of waiting. For us it was difficult to verbalize expectations to one another. All systems were go, and there was no single reason to worry, yet it all seemed too good to be true. That changed when the gates opened and you entered the terrain. What followed was a warm bath filled with 12 hours of unity, smiles, ecstasy, hugs and a lot of love. Like one massive reunion that escalated into a perfect day. That is what this video reflects.

We can’t thank you enough. See you next year ❤️



Floorplan online


Who, what and where: behold our floorplan for August 27th. Expect a complete new arrangement which is bigger than ever!

See where you’ll find your favorite artist, a refreshing craftbeer or the way back to your locker. 

Nonetheless we encourage you to also let go sometimes and just get lost.

And heads up: ODR is almost sold out! Don’t have a ticket yet? Get it while you still can.

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Important final info


(Klik hier voor Nederlands)

Read the latest important information for Onder De Radar Festival 2022.


What are the weather forecasts like?
They couldn’t be better, actually! The weather will be beautiful on Saturday. Around 25 °C with lots of sun and an occasional cloud. Perfect weather for festivals! It may cool off in the evening, so a warm sweater is always handy.

Should the forecasts change for instance towards tropical heat, we will come up with appropriate measures and will communicate this in a timely manner through all our channels. There is no reason for this at the moment.

Are there still any tickets available?
ODR 2022 is almost sold out, so no tickets will be sold at the door. There will still be tickets available online, but be quick! Don’t wait until the day itself.

Vliegveldweg 345, Enschede. From there it will be self-explanatory.

We start at 12:00 and continue until midnight. There may be a queue at the entrance between 15:30 and 18:00. Please arrive on time to beat the crowds at the entrance! With a valid ticket, you can enter until 22:00.

It is permissible to bring in unopened sunscreen (no spray bottles).

Fresh points
There will be 2 Fresh points on Saturday where you can freshen up. Here you can get deodorant, caps and sunglasses. In addition, you may bring your own roll-on deodorant in its original packaging (preferably unopened). However, deodorant in spray can or glass variant is not allowed.

Hand fans
Hand fans are allowed. However, these fans may not contain iron, so please stick to a standard fan.

Until when can I personalise my tickets?
Personalising tickets is possible until the end of the event. Please note that tickets will only be sent after they have been personalised!

I want to change the name of my ticket, is it still possible?
Due to the event being rescheduled numerous times (due to the pandemic), for this edition the name on the ticket does not have to match the ticket holder. So name changes are not necessary.

I bought a ticket but did not receive it or I cannot find it anywhere anymore. What do I do now?
Follow this page to have your ticket resent. Can’t find it? No problem! Visit the Help Center of Paylogic Customer Service. Still not successful? Then an entrance manager will be at the main entrance to help you.

At the entrance you will find the lockers where you can easily and safely store your belongings. The size of a locker is 30cm wide, 40cm deep and 24cm high. You pay €10 for a locker. You get a code with which you can open your locker throughout the day. So keep this code safe and make sure no one is watching when you enter the code.

If you come by car, navigate to Vliegveldweg 345, Enschede. Of course you can park with us. This costs €15,- and you pay this at the location. This can be paid in cash or with pin!

Also a good option. Shuttle buses are available from Enschede Central Station. The first shuttle buses will depart for the festival site at 11:30 am. At the station it is clearly indicated where the shuttle buses leave.

Please check in advance when the last train leaves and keep this in mind.

Shuttle bus
The first shuttle buses will depart from Enschede’s train station at 11:30 am to the festival grounds. These will continue to go back and forth throughout the event. A shuttle bus ticket can be bought online here or at the shuttle bus stop and costs €12,50. This ticket is a return ticket. Single tickets are unfortunately not possible.

For the return, please take into account waiting time at the shuttle bus stop. Also take into account extra travel time for getting your stuff from lockers and the walking route to the shuttle bus stop. The last shuttle bus leaves the festival grounds at 00:30 am. Keep an eye on the departure times of the last train or bus!

Shared scooters / bikes
We can also accommodate you with rental electric scooters and bikes. There is a special check-out location on the date of the event, next to ODR’s bike parking.

If you are coming to Onder De Radar Festival by cab, please make sure the driver follows the ‘Taxi’ signs towards the cab stand, which is within walking distance of the festival site. When you leave the festival grounds, there will be cabs at the dedicated cab stand.

Smoking is allowed only in the open air / cigarettes are not available
It is strictly forbidden to smoke under shelters, in bunkers, buildings, etc. This will be checked by the authorities, in case of violation, a fine will follow. Therefore, you may only smoke outside on the terrain. There are no cigarettes for sale on the terrain.

Attention! Because of the drought the terrain is extra flammable. Please take this into account. Throwing away your cigarette carelessly is really not on in 2022.

You must be at least 18 years old for this event. Please make sure you have identification with you, you may be asked for this.

In & Out
After leaving the event, it is not possible to go back in.

Food and drink
It is not permitted to take food and drink onto the festival grounds. There is plenty of option to purchase eat and beverage on the festival grounds. Different foodtrucks with delicious snacks from all corners of the world will be prepared!

Due to safety reasons, it is not allowed to bring any liquids on the festival grounds (for example, no perfume or hairspray).

I have an allergy or intolerance
We try to offer the widest (and tastiest) range of food possible. If you have specific requirements or wishes, ask the food truck of your choice which dishes are gluten or lactose free, contain nuts and/or are vegetarian. Enjoy your meal!

Gluten allergy
Check out the FAQ for more information.

Hearing protection
This is available at the merchandise booth.

You lost something?
During and after Onder De Radar Festival, we collect all found objects. Anything not picked up on the day will be dropped off at the municipality. All objects are submitted on Lost and Found approximately 2 working days after the event. If you have lost something, you can also make a report there yourself: see their FAQ for more information.”

Other questions
Have another look at the FAQ. Still no answer? Send an email to: info@basicgrooves.nl or message us via Facebook or Instagram!



Weather update


Not in our wildest dreams did we consider this. While we’re still in the midst of a full on heatwave, the Vliegbasis in Enschede is looking a lot more comfortable with a steady 25 °C coming Saturday 🌻

Secure one of our final tickets now and enjoy a beautiful bright day together with Job Jobse, Paula Temple and Nina Kraviz! Link in bio.


Basic Grooves - A dedicated group of music fans.


Basic Grooves is one of the longest running techno organisations in The Netherlands. The infamous club nights have become a corner stone of the techno scene in the east. In recent years, artists like Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Dave Clarke, DVS1, Avalon Emerson, Charlotte de Witte and Paula Temple found their way to Enschede to headline the events.

Founded in 1996, the club nights were intended as a response to the rising popularity of electronic music events. The club nights quickly became a breeding ground for a generation of new artists and promoters, ranging from Joris Voorn to Brent Roozendaal.

The club nights are followed by a huge rave on Kingsday (27 April) by the name of DE REACTIE. The location for this rave is Langezijds, a former chemistry laboratory on the campus of Universiteit Twente. April 2019 will be the last chance to experience this incredible location, as it is scheduled for renovations.

Last but not least, Basic Grooves is behind the only techno festival this side of the country: Onder De Radar Festival. This house & techno festival takes place at an abandoned military airbase in Enschede. The first edition was a huge success, with positive reviews from Resident Advisor and many of the artists on the line-up. The second edition is set for the 27th of July, and it’s going to be something to look out for.

All in all, the passion for techno is our guide. Techno events by a dedicated group of music fans.


Header Dit is OdR

This is Onder De Radar Festival


Just outside of Enschede, in the Twente-scenery, you’ll find an abandoned airbase. A truly unique location with a rich history, at which the very best electronic music has to offer comes together, once a year. This is Onder De Radar Festival.

Check the aftermovie of our previous gathering and find out everything the airbase has to offer below!

[Text continues below the footage]

Vliegbasis Twenthe

Right in between the bunkers and shelters, it almost feels as if time stood still. And when standing next to an armed F16-shelter or underneath the still operational (!) radar tower, you can almost feel the intriguing history. Not surprisingly, as it’s only been 14 years since the Dutch Department of Defence left the site. The area has been in development ever since, and now enables the many thousands of visitors to experience Onder De Radar.


Every year we go above and beyond to bring you a line-up which appeals to the imagination. Ranging from international stars to undiscovered talent: Onder De Radar has it all. Wether it’s your first ever techno-event or wether you’ve been a regular in the club- and festival-scene for years: Onder De Radar will excite you.

[with a.o. Job Jobse, Nina Kraviz, Paula Temple ~ D.Dan, DJ BORING, Freddy K, GiGi FM, Jensen Interceptor, Lauren Hansom, Luuk van Dijk, MARRØN, Michel de Hey, Paramida, Prunk, SPFDJ, Vladimir Dubyshkin]
> Full line-up


Sometimes unexpected, within all the ecstacy and excitement there’s an exceptionally special moment. Luckily for us, our photographers developed a sixth sense to be at the right place at the right time and to capture these moments:


On the humongous Vliegbasis Twenthe, through the open fields alongside the strip and the forests between the barracks and bunkers, adventure is right around the corner. Find a hammock between the trees or discover a new stage when exploring small and hidden paths: there’s never a dull moment on the airbase.

We are Onder De Radar

The best electronic music, the nicest people and the coldest drinks: experience it all at Onder De Radar. Get your ticket today!



Behold the line-up for Onder De Radar Festival 2022


With new faces and old friends we’ll be turning the airbase into our paradise for one day. 36 artists, 5 areas, a sunny airbase in Twente and you!

The presale has started. Save yourself from disappointment and get your ticket for Onder De Radar Festival 2022 now.

» Job Jobse
» Nina Kraviz
» Paula Temple

» D.Dan
» Freddy K
» GiGi FM
» Jensen Interceptor
» Lauren Hansom
» Luuk van Dijk
» Michel de Hey
» Paramida
» Prunk
» Vladimir Dubyshkin

» Daniel Sanchez
» De Schuurman
» DJ Luw
» Druiprek (live)
» Fafi Abdel Nour
» Glenn
» Iris Menza
» Joep & Remma
» Locklead
» Mad Miran
» Mickael
» Moody Mehran
» Naru Kami
» Nien
» Noumé
» Property
» si’nedd
» Tammo Hesselink
» Tsepo