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The pre-sale starts on Tuesday 13 February at 19:00h.

Onder De Radar Festival is going next-level this year! With pre-registration you benefit from discounts up to €31! These tickets are very limited. So pre-register now and don’t miss out!

Pre-registration is possible until Monday 12 February 11:59 p.m. 

Save the dates
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› 15 February – Start public sale

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Travel to ODR with bus


Travel to Onder De Radar Festival with bus!

Why change a winning team? Last year, our bustours proved to be one of the most popular means of transportation. Whether you’re coming from Amsterdam, Utrecht or Deventer: experiencing ODR is once again an affordable trip. The same goes for Germany, where busses will depart from Köln, Düsseldorf, Osnabrück and many more cities.

Book a tour from a busstop near you

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Aftermovie ODR 2023


This was Onder De Radar Festival 2023.

In every way, 2023 felt like a pivotal year for Onder De Radar. The beauty in this is that it must have showed – as we felt more supported and encouraged by our community than ever. What followed is still difficult to comprehend. Like a positive version of Murphy’s law, everything that could go right, went right. From seemingly impossible stage designs to devastating weather forecasts, the amount of sheer luck from day one until show day is truly humbling. But it really did happen, and as said before: no one can take this from us.

So all that’s left to do now is to thank each and every one of you who was there with us that day, and invite you to go back one more time by watching this beautiful 3 minute summary with us.

See you next year on 31 August!

Click below to watch the full aftermovie.
Thumbnail aftermovie odr

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It should be clear by now ODR24 is going to be special. That’s why you’ve decided to come to the Vliegbasis for not only one but two days, and get everything out of this already legendary weekend. Two days on this magical place, a special extended set by Job Jobse on Friday and afterparties (on both days!) in the bunkers for our camping guests: the ultimate ODR-experience is waiting for you. Find out how you can upgrade your ticket in no time, below!

You can upgrade your Saturday ticket to:
•⁠  ⁠Combi (Friday + Saturday) ticket
•⁠  ⁠⁠Camping + Weekend ticket (incl. afterparties)

You – as main booker – can arrange it yourself in your Basic Grooves order account. After you canceled the original ticket, you’ll receive a credit amount which you can use to purchase the new ticket.

•⁠  ⁠Log in onto your Basic Grooves-account via this page.
•⁠  ⁠Open your Onder De Radar Festival 2024-order.
•⁠  ⁠Choose the option EXCHANGE TICKETS.
•⁠  ⁠Select the tickets you’d like to change.
•⁠  ⁠Read the disclaimer and confirm that you agree.
•⁠  ⁠You will receive a credit amount (price + service fee of the old tickets) which can be spent in the ticketshop.
•⁠  Choose your new tickets in the shop and follow the usual proces.
•⁠  ⁠After completing your order, your old tickets will be made invalid.


Aftermovie Onder De Radar 2022


Finally, Onder De Radar again after 3 years of waiting. For us it was difficult to verbalize expectations to one another. All systems were go, and there was no single reason to worry, yet it all seemed too good to be true. That changed when the gates opened and you entered the terrain. What followed was a warm bath filled with 12 hours of unity, smiles, ecstasy, hugs and a lot of love. Like one massive reunion that escalated into a perfect day. That is what this video reflects.

We can’t thank you enough. See you next year ❤️


2023-08-26 ODR - Stef van Oosterhout - lowres-172-min

ODR24 is selling out fast!


Onder De Radar Festival 2024 is going to be special, there’s just no other way to put this. We’re breaking record after record, which is why we can’t stress this enough: get your tickets while you still can! We want to experience it with all of you.

COMBI: 82%

Marlon Hoffstadt b2b VTSS – Job Jobse – Chris Stussy – I Hate Models – Âme b2b Dixon – Patrick Mason – Funk Tribu – DIØN – Bad Boombox – Benwal b2b MALUGI – Tjade – Freddy K – Pegassi – Byron Yeates b2b THC & many more.

Onder De Radar Festival
Camping – Afterparties
30 & 31 August 2024
Vliegbasis Twenthe

22-08-27-22-17-09-ODR 2022-Chee Janssen-226-HR

Basic Grooves – A dedicated group of music fans.


Basic Grooves is one of the longest running techno organisations in The Netherlands. The infamous club nights have been a corner stone of the techno scene in the east for over two decades. In recent years, the events have gone through massive growth and artists like Amelie Lens, Nina Kraviz, Charlotte de Witte, Jeff Mills, Job Jobse, KI/KI and Paula Temple found their way to Enschede to headline the events.

Founded in 1996, the club nights were intended as a response to the rising popularity of electronic music events. The club nights quickly became a breeding ground for a generation of new artists and promoters, ranging from Joris Voorn to Brent Roozendaal.

The club nights are followed by a huge rave on Kingsday (27 April) by the name of DE REACTIE. The location for this rave is the campus of Universiteit Twente.

Last but not least, Basic Grooves is behind the only techno festival this side of the country: Onder De Radar Festival. This festival takes place at an abandoned military airbase in Enschede. Last year the event was attended by no less than 15.000 fanatics!

All in all, the passion for techno is our guide. Techno events by a dedicated group of music fans.



This is Onder De Radar Festival


Just outside of Enschede, in the Twente-scenery, you’ll find an abandoned airbase. A truly unique location with a rich history, at which the very best electronic music has to offer comes together, once a year. This is Onder De Radar Festival.

30 & 31 August 2024 marks our 5th descend on the magical Vliegbasis. Two days of ODR, a camping on site and afterparties in the shelters on both days make this year’s festival nothing short of legendary.

Check the aftermovie of our previous gathering and find out everything the airbase has to offer below!

[Text continues below the footage]

Thumbnail aftermovie odr

ODR Weekend

Surely we don’t need to explain why? ODR24 will open on Friday! One stage and one incredible headliner only. Please note: Friday tickets are not sold separately, and this day has very limited capacity.


You won’t need to worry about getting home on time, a designated driver or booking accommodation, if you can literally set up camp next to the festival! With a ticket for Camping Onder De Radar you’ll roll into your tent just like that.


For our camping guests only: official afterparties on both days, in the F16 bunkers on our terrain, lasting until the early mornings. Those camping-tickets are a no-brainer if you ask us!

Vliegbasis Twenthe

Right in between the bunkers and shelters, it almost feels as if time stood still. And when standing next to an armed F16-shelter or underneath the still operational (!) radar tower, you can almost feel the intriguing history. Not surprisingly, as it’s only been 14 years since the Dutch Department of Defence left the site. The area has been in development ever since, and now enables the many thousands of visitors to experience Onder De Radar.


Sometimes unexpected, within all the ecstacy and excitement there’s an exceptionally special moment. Luckily for us, our photographers developed a sixth sense to be at the right place at the right time and to capture these moments:


On the humongous Vliegbasis Twenthe, through the open fields alongside the strip and the forests between the barracks and bunkers, adventure is right around the corner. Find a hammock between the trees or discover a new stage when exploring small and hidden paths: there’s never a dull moment on the airbase.

Travel to Onder De Radar by bus

Yes, we’ve heard you! And that’s why, by popular demand, you can now travel to Onder De Radar Festival by bus. Whether you’re traveling from the far north of the Netherlands, or the south of Germany: we’ve got you covered. More information will follow.

We are Onder De Radar

The best electronic music, the nicest people and an enchanting terrain: experience it all at Onder De Radar.



Camping Onder De Radar


It’s no longer a secret: ODR24 spans over two days. And that’s not all, because with the first official ODR-camping, you’ll be able to enjoy the Vliegbasis non-stop. On top of that, for campingguests only, there will be official afterparties on both days!

Experience ODR like never before, and reserve your spot on Camping Onder De Radar. All info considering facilities, accommodations, practical information and all the reasons why this will be your ultimate ODR-experience, follows soon!


Day to day line-up


For the first time 2 days Onder De Radar Festival: this magical weekend is not to be missed!
Night shows are only accessible with a camping ticket and Friday is only accessible with a combi ticket. So make sure you join us for the full ride!

Check out the day to day line-up below.

Get your combi- or campingticket now, and put the cherry on top of your summer. Already have a Saturday-ticket? Upgrading is easy!

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Onder De Radar Festival
30 & 31 August 2024
Camping – Afterparties
Vliegbasis Twenthe
Enschede (NL)


More artists announced!


This August we’re descending on our beloved Vliegbasis for our biggest event ever, together with you and this massive line-up. With 20.000 visitors and 50+ of the finest artists out there, we’ll dance into the night and until the early morning on an abandoned airbase.

Phase 4 tickets are almost sold out. Get them while you still can!

Onder De Radar Festival
30 & 31 August 2024
Camping – Afterparties
Vliegbasis Twenthe
Enschede (NL)


Photos ODR 2023


This was Onder De Radar 2023, captured through the eyes of our amazing photographers. Check out the full album on our Facebook page.

We’re back next year on 31 August 2024! Loyalty Tickets were gone in no time. More information on Presale will follow soon, sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

ODR 2023 Vliegbasis Twenthe Enschede

ODR 2023 Vliegbasis Twenthe Enschede

ODR 2023 Vliegbasis Twenthe Enschede

ODR 2023 Vliegbasis Twenthe Enschede

ODR 2023 Vliegbasis Twenthe Enschede

ODR 2023 Vliegbasis Twenthe Enschede

ODR 2023 Vliegbasis Twenthe Enschede

ODR 2023 Vliegbasis Twenthe Enschede

ODR 2023 Vliegbasis Twenthe Enschede

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2023-08-26 ODR - Stef van Oosterhout - lowres-163-min

Big news: Marlon Hoffstadt b2b VTSS!


Marlon Hoffstadt b2b VTSS at Onder De Radar Festival 2024

Yes, this is happening! Exclusively for Onder De Radar Festival (Saturday) and for the first time ever in a back to back. Together with us on our beloved Vliegbasis, this is going to be monumental.

Be with us this summer! Get your tickets while you still can.

Âme b2b Dixon – angelboy – Bad Boombox – Bella – Benwal – Byron Yeates b2b THC – Charmaine – Chlär – Chris Stussy – Clara Cuvé – Diffrent – DIØN – DJ Hyperdrive – Fantastic Man – Freddy K – Funk Tribu – Gabrielle Kwarteng – I Hate Models – Jannah – Jasmín – Job Jobse – John Mood – Josef & Anvari – Julian Anthony – Juliana Huxtable – Juliana X – Ketting (live) – Klankers – Lieke TR – Lola Edo – LUW & Joep – Lucky Done Gone – MALUGI b2b Benwal – Marlon Hoffstadt b2b VTSS – Mila Black – Moody Mehran – mul/ANNA – Nathan Alzon – OG Karin – Oneiro – PHIA – Patrick Mason – Pegassi -Remma – Rene Wise – Ryan Elliott b2b Benny Rodrigues – Sarkawt Hamad – Shaky b2b Aramazd – Tjade – TWIENA – Vladimir Dubyshkin (hybride)

Onder De Radar Festival
Camping – Afterparties
30 & 31 August 2024
Vliegbasis Twenthe
Enschede (NL)

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